Duo Spoon Bobble.

Duo Spoon Bobble.

Okay, any toy with the word “Bobble” in the name has my attention. I immediately thought of those “bobble head” figurines that used to grace the rear dash boards of cars. Remember those? They were usually mascots of someone’s favorite football team and in my area it was usually A Chicago Bear or Green Bay Packer mascot. But I digress….Back to work:

The Duo Spoon Bobble is a honkin’ big toy! It’s about fourteen inches high and approximately four inches wide, so it’s thin but fun.
You’re going to like some great aspects about this toy. It has stainless steel cups and measuring spoons (A favorite of my Grey, Pepper. She loves her measuring spoons!) It has vividly colored plastic beads on lengths of leather and the entire toy is essentially mounted on a stainless steel chain.
My Grey, Parker would immediately hit the ground running for that leather and it might be a sad state affairs after a few weeks. But you can always replace that leather with new laces and this toy would be good as new once again.
And it’s washable! Hurray for washable toys! You know how some toys get….
This particular toy looks like it would generate a lot of noise. Okay, okay, I know. Don’t we get enough noise with the way parrots are at certain time of the day? But remember, if your bird is playing with this toy, he’s probably going to be too busy to be doing any screaming. And I’ll take some clanking over “Whooop! Whoop! Wheee!” Every once in a while, change is a nice thing.
I think parrots enjoy a little feedback from their efforts. And sound is one thing I know Pepper enjoys when she successfully clanks on her “Pots and Pans” toy. I guess she also likes the bit of almond she gets when I ask her to “Play Pots and Pans!” She dutifully scurries over to her pots and pans toy and clanks the tar out of it and then sits and waits expectantly for her reward. This might be just the thing for a bird that really hasn’t taken up a musical instrument as of yet. You never know get a few of these on some of your bird’s play stands and you might just have a percussion section.

1505 Duo Spoon Bobble.

1505 Duo Spoon Bobble is a colorful, noise making delight for those medium to large-sized feathered friends in your life.

Dec 16th 2016 Patricia Sund

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