Balls of FUN !

Balls of FUN !

This toy is simply a mess waiting to happen! Appealing to all sizes of birds. I can see how a cockatiel might really enjoy digging her beak into this one. It’s is made from colorful woven vine balls that are stuffed with that crinkly paper birds just love to throw around. And it hangs from a leather lace. There are those fun foam spacers both at the top and the bottom of the toy with a fun know at the bottom that keeps the toy from slipping off the leather lace. 

That knot would probably be the first thing Parker would go for.
I knew a couple who had a blue and gold macaw that absolutely loved big messy complicated toys made from chunks of wood tied up with laces. The husband would drill hole in the chunks of wood and string them on the leather laces. Then he would make knots and twists and tie the entire thing together into a big complicated stringy, wooden mess and hang it in their Macaw’s enclosure. Well, their bird would go nuts. It was like puzzle for him. He would spend hours trying to untie the knots and chewing on the chunks of wood attempting to unravel this “Jenga-like" toy. There was nothing fancy about it. It was simply a tangled mess of wood prices and leather. But it was the preferred toy by this macaw. The messier and more tied up, the more he liked it.
This toy is essentially simply vine balls, paper and a leather lace. You could amp up the fun by adding bits of millet into the balls to make playing with it a foraging experience. I know cockatiels would probably love that.
Simply break up some pieces of a millet branch and use a wooden skewer to cram the millet into the paper inside the balls. Leave some sticking out of the balls so that the birds can see that something is going on in there and you have a wonderful toy just begging to be played with. This toy might just be perfect for your medium sized birds.

1753 Balls Of Fun.

1753 Balls of fun, is just that and more for your small to medium sized favorite feathered friend.

Sep 16th 2016 Patricia Sund

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