1680 Paci Fluff

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1680 Paci Fluff

The 1680 Paci Fluff is the perfect comfortable ring for your small pet bird. The 1680 looks great in almost any cage with its attractive combination of colors and materials. The 1680 Big Snugg hangs down from a quick link cage attachment that makes installation a piece of cake. The quick link cage attachment connects the middle of the 1680 that loops through a colored plastic chain. This plastic chain holds the multicolored fluff that runs the length of the entire toy. On either ends there is a small piece of paper rope with two small colored pacifiers tied off on the ends. The 1680 is very light and easy to play with. All of the materials are appealing to your pets beak and feet. The Paci Fluff measures about 9 inches long and has a roughly 3 inch width at the fluff. The 1680 is made with 100% bird safe materials. 


  • Mounts easily in almost any aviary.
  • Great combination of colors is sure to catch your birds eye.
  • Easy to play with and creates lots of movement when pulled and interacted with.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.


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