Bonka Pedi Pumice Perch

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pumice perch
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The Bonka Pumice Perch from Bonka Bird Toys is a marvelous sized pumiced perch for your feathered friend! This brightly colored pumiced perch looks great in any cage with its irregular shape and convenient pumice sides. The pumice on this perch helps your pet easily keep their beak and feet trim, clean and conditioned! The sanded pumice rock texture is ideal for your pets beak and feet. The perch itself is made with light 100% bird safe plastic that has been shaped in a bendy branch like look. The different grooves and curves of the perch give your pet a great assortment of places to grab and hang with their beak and feet. The base of the pumice perch has a large round plastic platter with an equally large plastic platter screw cap. The threaded core has a big groove in it for easy installation between cage and aviary bars. To install simply unscrew the large cap, place the perch where you would like it in the cage and hand tighten the screw cap back on the threaded core. The Bonka Pumice Perch This pumice perch is 100% bird safe.

  • The Bonka Pumice Perch from Bonka Bird Toys is an exceptional pedi perch for birds
  • The Pumice Perch is made of light bird safe plastic with (2) strips of real pumice on either side.
  • The natural irregular shape of the perch gives your pet lots of shapes to grab on and feel.
  • The perch base has a plastic platter, grooved thread core to slip between bars and a large cap.
  • The Bonka Pumice Perch is 100% bird safe and stands out with its bright color.

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