Large Treasure Chest Refill

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Colorful food colored dyed wooden balls, blocks and rods to refill your large treasure chest.

60045 Large Treasure Chest Refill Colorful food dyed wooden beads, cubes, and cylinders to refill your treasure chest. Easy to install and they are 100% bird safe. Approximately there are a total of 12 pieces, the cylinders measure 2 inches long with a width of 3/4-inch, the cubes are 1-inch square and the beads are 3/4-inch in diameter.

  • PERFECT SIZE for refilling the Bonka Bird Toys treasure chests 60020 small and 60019 large.
  • MULTIPLE PIECES can be used for other crafting or bird toy making projects.
  • FOOT TALON TOY give your bird a healthy alternative makes for a great toy in or out of the cage.
  • BIRD SAFE MATERIAL wooden cubes cylinders and beads colored with food safe dye.


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