1786 Fuzzy Medium

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The 1786 Fuzzy Medium Rope Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a great way to give your medium-sized pet bird a colorful swing! This medium-sized bird swing is packed with colors and materials to excite your feathered friend. The top of 1786 has a quick link attachment letting you hang it quickly and easily in your pet's cage. The chain that hangs from this link attachment goes down to the ring perch and is adorned with awesome plastic shapes. There is also a knot of colorful all-natural cotton rope tied around this chain. At the top of the ring, there is a large metal bell hanging from all-natural leather strips. On either side of the ring perch there are large bundles of multicolored sisal. On the bottom, there is a large knot of all-natural cotton rope. All of this natural stranded material make for ideal preening objects for your pet. There are also (2) plastic wavy rings that have multiple leather strips hanging from them with plastic shapes dangling from the ends. All of these colors and materials make this perch an awesome upgrade for your pet's aviary. The 1786 Fuzzy Medium Rope Ring weighs under (22) ounces and measures about (22) inches tall, (14) inches wide and (3) inches deep.

  • Great preening toy.
  • Helps with birds that pluck themselves.
  • Great swing and climbing toy.
  • Quick link for easy cage attachment.

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