1692 Medium Cup Delight

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The 1692 Medium Cup Delight from Bonka Bird Toys is a durable, colorful and noisy medium sized bird toy for your beaked buddy! This bird toy has lots of great colors and durable materials that will hold up for many play sessions. At both ends of this bird toy there is a  quick link connector. This lets you easily install the toy right from the pack. As the backbone of the toy is a sturdy link chain you can easily add in other link connectors. This lets you easily hang the toy in many different ways and lets you continually entertain your pet by changing the 1692 shape! The sturdy link chain that runs the entire length of the bird toy has (5) sturdy metal rings hanging from it. These metal rings hang all of the other items on the bird toy. On each ring your pet will find (2) colorful acrylic pacifiers and a stainless steel measuring cup. The acrylic pacifiers are translucent and create a wonderful effect when light passes through them. The stainless steel cups are durable in design and create lovely bird pleasing clanking sounds when bouncing off each other.

The 1692 Medium Cup Delight is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Length: (10) inches

Width: (5) inches

Depth: (1) inch

Weight: Under (8) ounces

  • Durable colorful medium sized bird toy.
  • Stainless steel measuring cups.
  • Brightly colored acrylic rings.
  • 100% bird safe.


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