3658 Large Tiki

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The 3658 Large Tiki from Bonka Bird Toys is a big and chewable chunky bird toy. This large sized bird toy has amazing assorted textures and materials to keep your pet engaged and happy. The top of the bird toy includes a small sized quick link connector with a small sturdy link chain hanging from it. This link chain hangs down to and strings through a drilled hole in the top of a natural wooden branch. Resting on top of the wooden dowel and with the link chain passing through it is a half shell coconut complete with lots of fun to grab natural fiber. The branch has many lengths of twine rope strung through it that have tons of beak and feet pleasing items hanging. There are big chunky pieces of pumice stone, parts of natural cuttlebone, wooden pieces of different sizes and big chunks of coconut. This amazing assortment of materials provides tons of entertainment for your pet.

The 3658 Large Tiki is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (28) inches

Width: (11) inches

Depth: (7) inches

Weight: Under (46) ounces

  • Large assorted chewy bird toy.
  • Amazing assortment of materials.
  • Super beak & feet pleasing.
  • 100% bird safe.

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