Kings Cages SLUX 2716 Solid Top Bird Cage 17X16X66

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SLUX 2716
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Coppertone Color Model SLUX 2716 Solid top bird cage is such a luxury, give your Cockatiels, Conures and small Amazons the palace they deserve, an eye-catching addition for any home.

The Kings Cages SLUX 2716 Solid Top Bird Cage provides a nice home for small to medium sized birds, including Cockatiels, Conures and small Amazons. This cage measures 27 inches wide, 16 inches deep, and 66 inches tall, and it has an inside height of 32 inches. This will give your smaller bird plenty of space to fly around and feel comfortable. The cage has a solid metal top, which is preferred by some users. The cage is easy to clean and maintain with many good access points.

Some features for the SLUX 2716 include its bird-proof lock to ensure that your pet does not manager to get out and its five (5) tinted glass ornaments and two-tone colors for an eye-catching design. You will also appreciate the six (6) brass finials on the top of the SLUX 2716. Inside the cage, there are two (2) plastic cups for feeding. The metal grill and tray are both slide-out, making them super easy to access for cleaning. There is also a bottom shelf on the cage for storage. This is a great spot for keeping bird supplies and other accessories.

Also included with the Kings Cages SLUX 2716 is a safety latch for accidental opening. There is a single perch inside for your pet to rest on and enjoy, and the cage also features a Nest Box door. At the bottom, there are easy rolling casters so that you can quickly relocate the cage when needed. The bar spacing is 5/8", and the bar thickness is 4mm. Make sure your pet cannot stick its head through and become stuck. This cage is long-lasting and completely safe for long-term exposure. It will make a fantastic home for your smaller feather friend!


  • 27 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 66 inches high.
  • 32 inches inside height.
  • 5/8-inch bar spacing, 4mm bar thickness.


  • New bird proof lock.
  • 5 tinted glass ornaments.
  • Two tone colors.
  • 2 plastic cups.
  • Sliding metal grill and tray.
  • Bottom shelf storage.
  • 6 Brass finials on top of bird cage.
  • Solid metal cage top.
  • Safety latch.
  • 1 perch.
  • Nest box door.
  • Easy rolling casters.
  • All our cages are non-toxic and safe for your feathered friends.

Additional cage paper: Kings Cage Paper For Luxury Line Cages. 

Excluded locations: Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO/FPO, PO Box and Puerto Rico


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