Kings Cages GOLD ATM 2029 Aluminum Travel Carrier 20X28X20

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Kings Cages GOLD ATM 2029 Aluminum Travel Carrier. 20X28X20

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The Kings Cages GOLD ATM 2029 Aluminum Travel Carrier provides an easy and effective solution for transporting your pet bird. This aluminum travel cage is durable and long-lasting to ensure years of trusted and dependable use. It is perfect for temporarily housing your pet during vet visits and traveling situations. The cage offers some impressive features that help make it a go-to option for any bird owner looking for a more portable transport option, while still allowing their bird to move around freely. Additionally, this transport carrier can provide good transitioning housing for a few days if your regular cage is being cleaned or repaired.

Aluminum is an ideal material for bird cages for several reasons. The substance is tough and strong, while not being prone to chipping or rusting. It can be used safely in nearly any environment for many years. The safe and non-toxic material is perfect for all types of birds, even with repeated exposure. The aluminum material results in a satin silver coloring for the cage bars. Your feathered friend will truly appreciate the shiny appearance of the carrier, and it will help make vet visits and general transport an easier experience. Another benefit of aluminum is that it is very easy to clean and disinfect. We recommend regular cleaning and disinfection to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet.

There are some very nice features offered from the Kings Cages GOLD ATM 2029 Aluminum Travel Carrier. It offers a slide out grill and tray for easy cleaning. There is a swivel triangle safety lock to prevent the tray from sliding out accidentally. Feeding is made easy thanks to the two (2) swing-out feeder doors and cups. You may also add stainless steel feeding cups, which are easy to clean and maintain. The cage features a nice big perch for your pet to rest on and work its talons. And the front door features a lock and magnetic closure to keep your bird contained. Overall, this is a great transport cage for nearly any bird. Please note the 5/8-inch bar spacing, and make sure that your pet cannot stick its head through the bars.


  • 20 Inches wide by 28-7/8 inches in length, 20-1/4 inches high.
  • 5mm bar thickness.
  • 5/8-inch bar spacing.


  • Slide out grill & tray with swivel triangle safety lock.
  • 2 swing out feeder doors and cups. (Stainless steel cups available at an additional cost.)
  • 1 perch
  • Patented front door lock with magnetic closure.

ATM 2029 Gold has two plastic bowls, plastic locks on the two feeder doors and a metal lock on the front door.


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